Our Approach

Helping to solve the housing crisis, and address the shortage of high-quality rental accommodation in England, by providing uniquely designed, well-maintained and professionally managed accommodation, whilst generating attractive returns for our investor partners.


How we do it

we have 5 stages to our approach: 

We source run down, neglected residential and commercial properties with great potential to add value.

stage one

We finance the project using a mixture of our own funds, working with private investors and commercial lending

stage two

We use premium and innovative design to renovate the properties into positive, vibrant and unique spaces 

We rent these amazing spaces to working professionals or students

We refinance the properties at the new higher value and repay our investors 

stage five

stage three

stage four


One of the things I really appreciate in Mike as a landlord is that he deals with any issues quickly and makes sure things are all in order. He is a good landlord looking after the property. Also he wants to make sure everyone in here feels good living and sharing with the others. A big thanks Mike


Kim has a fantastic understanding of property and my needs as a landlord. Her background in law is particularly useful and reassuring as I know she is extremely thorough with her due diligence when it comes to sourcing tenants

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